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Brooklyn Cricket Club  

About us

Brooklyn Cricket Club has been playing cricket in Wellington since 1912. The club was founded by local residents and has included over the years local Butchers, Cabinet Makers, a Chief Scientist, Artists,  an MP, Journalist, Labourers and at least one Minister.


Today the Brooklyn Cricket Club fields eight teams across three formats, supports a strong junior club of about twenty teams, and concentrates on cricket for all. We do not have a Women's team at the moment but would gladly support one if there was demand from the community.

Brooklyn Cricket Club aims to strengthen the community through the provision of quality sport and recreation to promote health and wellbeing. We have a strong ethos of inclusion and strive to increase participation in recreational sport in Wellington.

If you are a player looking for a team, or a team looking for a club, we would love to welcome you to Brooklyn Cricket Club.


See our contact details page to get in touch.

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